Our Basic Philosophy

At the TUMBLEBUS we offer a non-competitive, safe & fun environment that children can develop skills and learning at their own pace. They are never compared to other children. Our goal is to help the students have fun while participating fitness and learning the sport and skills. We provide games and challenges that are achievable and we strive to create an environment for each child’s self improvement and self esteem. Fun and fitness for kids with kids party games and birthday parties for

About TUMBLEBUS national

TUMBLEBUS is a nationally recognized children’s fun & fitness program for ages 18M to 9 years. The original TUMBLEBUS was started in the mid 1980’s in southern Indiana by Brenda & Larry Scharlow. The program was designed to provide tumbling & gymnastic instruction and fun & fitness activities to children by way of a mobile gym bus & gym facility program. The concept caught on quickly at local schools and childcare facilities and the scharlow’s soon started selling TUMBLEBUS and trademark rights across the country. Today there are over 300 TUMBLEBUS around the country, including as far as Hawaii. TUMBLEBUS has been recognized as a Fortune’s Top 500 small business, featured on CNN, “John & Kate plus 8”, and numerous other local news channels for the unique program offered.


About recreational gymnastics

The recreational gymnastics program at TUMBLEBUS is geared toward gymnasts at all skill levels 18M-9 years of age. The classes provide the children with a strong foundation of basic skills. Students learn fundamental skills like forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands and also learn other basic skills on other events including the uneven bars, balance beam, vault and high bar, parallel bars, and rings. Using these skills, they are given the opportunity to advance in the sport to any level. These 30 minute classes are strictly non-competitive and are designed solely for the enjoyment of learning gymnastics and having fun.


  • Improve the Fitness of The Child
  • Promote Self-Confidence
  • Enhance Physical and Motor Development

TUMBLEBUS is a full-sized school bus converted into a safe and fun gymnasium containing the following:

  • Bars, Beam, vault
  • Rings, zip line and monkey bars
  • Trampoline
  • And much more!

TUMBLEBUS classes are:

  • Structured with Weekly Lesson Plans that are Taught by Certified Instructors
  • Non-Competitive
  • Lots of Fun!

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